Some Family Office Wealth Services offered by Alexson Investment Group:

  1. Custom Investment Management services Specialists at managing concentrated stock positions
  2. Investment and retirement planning services *(can provide complex planning with one of our planning partners)
  3. Access to and investment partners in our direct investment opportunities in early stage technology, products and services.
  4. Portfolio Accounting and Reporting services
  5. Back and middle office support services
  6. Taxes *(can provide best of breed providers, we do not do taxes, but have extensive knowledge)
  7. Estate planning *(can provide best of breed providers, we do not do planning, but have extensive knowledge)
  8. Life Insurance *(can provide best of breed providers, we do not do insurance, but have extensive knowledge)
  9. Best of breed network of service providers to meet the needs of large family offices
  10. Understand how other large family offices function

Venture Capital

At this time, Alexson Investment Group and our investment partners are looking for direct investments in the following industries:

  • Any disruptive technology, products or services
  • Including: Data, Blockchain technology, Mobile & Mobile Payments
  • Emerging Industry